Meeting Process

After your initial phone call to see if we’re the right fit. The in-person or virtual appointment is confirmed, you are scheduled to get a Free Trust Review.

List of what you should bring to the Free Trust Review Appointment:

  • Current Trust Documents and/or Will 
  • A Summary of Assets and Liabilities
  • IRA accounts
  • Insurance Policies (Life, Health, Annuities, Disability and Homeowners)
  • Retirement 401(K)
  • Bank Account Statements
  • Deeds
  • Government Benefits
  • Tax Documents

If you only created a Will, then you only need to bring the Will and your financial statements. The last bullet point, Financial Statements is very important. The Attorney needs to Review your assets to make sure they’re properly titled in the trust.

Most couples have a Revocable Living Trust (RLT) completed by an Estate Planning Attorney and forget to fund the trust! The Real Property may have been put in the trust, but not your assets.

After our Plan Attorney completes your trust, it is critical that we help you fund the Trust. If the Trust is not properly funded, all your financial assets will go through Probate. Save your family the long drawn out and expensive court process by creating a Trust.

In order to complete trust funding, we require a current copy of all your financial statements at the meeting. This includes your insurance, 401(k), ira accounts, annuity’s, savings accounts, and checking accounts.

After your assets are properly funded in the trust, your trust will distribute your assets free of probate. Insuring only your intended beneficiaries receive your assets and not anyone outside your bloodline.    

Depending on the Services required by the customer, the attorney will give you a price quote at the first consultation.

EPCH Plan Attorney's, Stephen & Sage Capone