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The primary attraction of Fixed Indexed Annuities, for most, is that you get a Guaranteed Minimum Rate of Return. Even if the stock market falls, your Annuity makes the same, fixed payment to you. You can always count on that income, no matter what.

Variable Annuities’ return is entirely based on the investment’s performance, whether that is up or down. The Fixed Indexed Annuity guarantees the level of return, taking your risk off the table.

It means that there are no taxes on your money, so the interest grows faster. You don’t pay any tax until you take funds out.

Your invested Principal is Guaranteed, meaning that even if the Index your using collapses, your Principal remains 100% intact. That keeps your money safe and sound.

The Fixed Indexed Annuity is best for those approaching retirement, usually in their 50s or 60s. That is because their needs shift to needing more stable and sure sources of income, rather than investments that have greater risk and volatility. The Fixed Indexed Annuity provides a guaranteed steady, predictable income that retirees can count on reliably.

If you pass on before all payments are made to you, you can designate someone, such as your spouse, be given the remaining assets. Like other financial holdings, a Fixed Indexed Annuity can benefit your loved ones even after you are no longer here.

Yes, you can transfer those funds into an Annuity and get the benefits of Guaranteed Retirement Income.

Fixed Indexed Annuities – Right for You?

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