Should I Update My Hawaii Revocable Living Trust Estate Plan?

Did you know that an estate planning revocable living trust can be amended at any time by an attorney?

Each year, we experience changes in life that can alter your true intent of your estate plan.

Have your purchased additional real property? Did you want to change your intended beneficiaries? Has your marital status changed? What about your successor trustee, health care agent and power of attorney?

Call for a Free Trust Review to meet with one of our plan attorneys, to review the estate plan and ensure that your estate plan was written how you intended. Please note, new laws can be amended in your trust to provide you and your family with a form of asset protection.  

Ask yourself these 9 questions, to determine if you need to have your trust reviewed.

Every yes answer is an indication that you should schedule a free trust review. Make a call today!

  1. Have you purchased or sold a home since your trust was drafted?
  1. Have you refinanced your mortgage?
  1. Has your spouse passed away since the formation of your trust?
  1. How old were your children/minors when you formed your trust?
  1. Have you started a new retirement account since the formation of your trust?
  1. Have your agents for your health care directive and power of attorney passed away?
  1. Do you have a beneficiary who is disabled?
  1. Are you interested in changing or adding to your beneficiaries?
  1. Have your children purchased a home in Hawaii?