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Our firm’s focus is on creating a safe, dependable income source for your retirement years here in Hawaii.

That’s why we specialize in a creating a guaranteed, regular payment that you cannot outlive – with No Fees & No Costs - through a Fixed Indexed Annuity (also known as an Indexed Annuity).

It gives you the solid financial foundation you need after you retire, along with the growth potential you look for to go beyond just keeping up with inflation. Plus funds you can use for In-Home or Nursing Home Healthcare if needed.

If you’re looking ahead or if you’re ready now to move to a more reliable income source, look no further.

Here’s why a Fixed Indexed Annuity could be exactly what you need to protect your retirement years from volatility and uncertainty.


  • You Get 100% Protection Through Your Secured Principal
    Eliminate Stock Market Losses and Market Exposure with 100% Principal Protection. The deposited Principal is Guaranteed to remain intact, no matter what. Even if the market drops and your index goes into the negative, you know the money you put in is still there, safe and sound.

    That’s about as risk free as you can get today.

  • Guaranteed Income Stream
    You can get a Guaranteed Set Payment, one that you and your spouse will receive for the rest of your lives. You cannot outlive this benefit.

    There’s no expiration date or dwindling balance to worry about. You can be certain that this retirement income will continue coming.

    There are also options to be paid an income for a set time or for you to get a lump sum payment. Whatever your plans and goals are for the time ahead, we can help you structure it to make it happen.

  • Healthcare Funds When You Need Them Most
    • In Home Healthcare - You can draw 100% of the account value over 5 years for home healthcare, allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own house or condo.
    • Nursing Home Healthcare - 100% of your account value paid in a lump sum so you're provided for if you need this level of assistance.
    • Terminal Illness - 100% of your account value paid in a lump sum so you can get the care you need and not have to worry about you or your loved ones paying for it.
    • Wellness Withdrawals - Get increased lifetime withdrawals so you can concentrate on your health and recovery.
  • Predictable Earnings
    The stability of the Fixed Indexed Annuity extends to the Earnings, giving you growth you can count on. No more wondering what the return will be or if there will be one at all.
  • Tax Deferred Growth of Your Money
    It is also Tax Deferred, so you don’t pay taxes on the interest until you start getting money out of it. That means faster growth of your money from the compounding interest.
  • Managed By Proven, Top Money Managers
    The Annuity Indexes are handled by the most trusted names in finance, such as JP Morgan, Barclays and Credit Suisse. You and your money benefits directly from the knowledge and skills of the best money managers in the industry.
  • Death Benefits For Your Loved Ones
    You can provide for your family and loved ones, by designating a lump sum inheritance or having the regular annuity payments now be paid to them. It can benefit not only you during your lifetime, but the ones you care about afterward.
  • No Fees or Costs
    One of the biggest arguments made against Annuities are the fees and costs. It is true that they can be a factor with some – but not with our Fixed Indexed Annuities. There are none of those with our plans, outside of your deposited principal, of course. You don’t have to watch your balance eaten away by management fees and other payments. It won’t happen.

Those are just some of the advantages you get from a Fixed Indexed Annuity, guaranteed. But how does it work?

What is a Fixed Indexed Annuity?

In short, this annuity pays you interest that is based upon a specific market index and its performance, like the S&P 500, for example.

Your money is not invested in the stock market whatsoever. The index is just used to set the interest level.

That is the defining feature of a Fixed Indexed Annuity, but you can customize it, such as choosing the Lifetime Retirement Income or Lump Sum Payment mentioned above.

Your Annuity Customized to Your Needs

We're not tied to or obligated to any one firm’s Fixed Index Annuity. That leaves us free to give you different options, rather than steering you to one that a company wants us to push.

The range of choices we have, in not only different financial firms, but also the many different indexes, as well as possible benefits and payout schedules, means we can fulfill the financial promises you need for your peace of mind.

Learn If A Fixed Indexed Annuity Is Right For You

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100% Protection from Stock Market Losses
Guaranteed Income Stream
No Fees or Costs
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