Protect Your Hawaii Income

August 18, 2020    |    Sage Capone

If you become sick or injured and can no longer earn an income, how do you pay for the basic GAME expenses? (such as Groceries, Auto, Mortgage and Electricity)

In our free consultation, we have met many prospects that have declined to protect their income with life insurance.

Income protection or more commonly known as disability income insurance can help supplement your income in case of an accidental injury or serious illness. 

Disability Income Insurance provides you with paycheck protection to help cover your expenses and training as you regain your strength to return to work. 

Most of our Hawaii clients that do move forward, understand that accidents happen and the expenses still need to be paid. 

How long do you have to wait to get paid? 

After the elimination period has been met, a doctor’s note will allow the insurance career to begin making payments. 

In some Hawaii Disability Insurance policies you can add on a return of premium rider. The insurance company will offer Money Back after holding the policy up to a certain age.

Not all policies are the same. Please make sure you read and understand what a policy covers and excludes. 

The needs analysis will determine the Hawaii insurance and Health insurance product that fits your appropriate family situation.

When sitting down with Stephen Capone you can determine the amount of income you are replacing. 

Call to review your plan and make sure that your family is protected!