Cash Benefit for Medical Treatments

August 17, 2020    |    Sage Capone

Hawaii Insurance can provide a cash benefit with the right life insurance and health insurance protection for your Hawaii Family. 

Critical Illness protection was first introduced by Doctor Marius Barnard. He was practicing in South Africa, providing care to patients with critical illnesses.

While treating patients, Dr. Barnard noticed the financial stress that medical treatments had on his patients. His solution was an insurance policy that would pay a lump sum when his patients needed a cash benefit the most.

The cash benefit can be a lump-sum amount, based upon the insureds income needs. This cash benefit can help a family with the medical costs that they never planned for. The benefit payment can be used for anything – your mortgage, auto loan, credit card, medical costs or a family vacation!

Many stressful events can happen in one of two ways: insured and uninsured. Would it reduce your stress if you were diagnosed with cancer, heart attack or stroke, and received a lump-sum amount worth six months’ income?