Insurance Can Be The Great Equalizer

August 14, 2020    |    Sage Capone

At Estate Planning Consultants of Hawaii, we are blessed with helping clients in all phases of life. From the birth of a child, a new marriage, a new business and the asset protection for the legacy of your family name.


In the business of Estate Planning, it deeply saddens us when we help clients through a loss in the family. The process can be quite painful. I have experienced this personally with my grandparents and have helped countless clients with the uncomfortable process.


In honor of Life Insurance Awareness, we are going to provide you with a series of insights and updates on life insurance. Our goal is to spread awareness on the importance of the different types of insurance.


It can seem like insurance policies are written in another language. As a financial advisor, I help clients with estate planning, investment planning, and insurance planning. It is important to not leave out the most important step.


Life insurance is not for those that die it’s for those that live! Is your family protected “Today” if you are no longer around?


For pennies on the dollar, Hawaii insurance will make sure your family will be able to continue with their dreams. Dreams of college, dreams of owning a home and the dream vacation. In addition, life insurance can be the great equalizer, keeping families together by helping them cope financially in tough times. Don’t wait until it’s too late!


If somebody depends on you, whether it’s your kids, a spouse, or a significant other that relies on you financially. You need life insurance. Not everyone may need life insurance, but if you have children you need it.